We are all interdependent. We all rely on each other to get our basic needs met and live our lives. But our current system does not actually recognize or reward each of our contributions equally. Our economic system recognizes the contributions of people who are generally wealthy, white, cis, straight, thin, men, able-bodied people even though the labor to build this system is more often BIPOC, trans, queer, disabled, fat, and women.

Interdependent Law strives to support movements, projects and individuals working to build a new economy, where all work is recognized, rewarded and the reality of our interdependence is valued, embodied, and nurtured. This kind of economy is referred to in a variety of terms in our social justice movements: the solidarity economy, the new economy, the sharing economy. We provide legal services, policy research, and organizing support to any group, project or individual that is striving to build that system.

The 2021 focus is on community-controlled and democratic land and housing projects, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have something else you are working on. If you are looking to build a community land trust, community-run housing or land project, buy out your landlord, own or share your home in an alternative way, get in touch!