Transform Systems of Oppression: The work we engage in seeks to be cognizant of existing dynamics of privilege and oppression and through building trust, embodying values, being receptive to feedback and most of all forging meaningful collaborative relationships, seeks to transform systems of oppression into genuine interdependence.

Self-Determination:​ You know exactly what you need. You may need some help more clearly defining it, support in envisioning the particulars of solutions or a deeper understanding how your needs interact with the legal system, and that’s why I am here. But I will always honor and prioritize your vision and needs above all else and look to you for answers.

The law is a tool, not as an end: Your goals are the most important and how we get there can be in any number of ways. We’ll work together to come up with the best plan possible to accomplish your goals. The legal system is oppressive and has been created by people who seek to embed capitalism, white supremacy, and other systems of oppression, and it is important to consider the ways that interacting with the legal system negates visions for a different way of being. Sometimes having legal work done is actually detrimental to a project or campaign, and I will be honest and clear about when that is the case.

Collaboration Comes First: With the exception of defensive work, my orientation will always be that collaboration, teamwork, and your understanding of legal issues and participation in decision-making are most important and often most powerful tools in this work.

Build Community: Transformational change will be forged, in part, through relationships and community. I’ll prioritize building strong, lasting relationships and connecting you/your project to other people doing similar work, or who have undergone similar experiences. Wherever possible, I’ll engage in collective work over individual work and will share lessons learned with other projects and practitioners.

* this is a working set of values that will be continually revised as this project grows and new learnings and collaborations emerge.