I strive to make my services as accessible as possible. I do do this in two ways.

First, I offer flat rate for services wherever possible–I’ll focus on delivering you quality services, rather than counting every minute working on a project. I am building a list of services listing the typical flat fee, that I can share during our consultation. Hourly fees apply for work that is not typical, requires additional research, or I can foresee could result in a lot of complications.

Second, to be accessible across class, rates are income-dependent based on area median income. I’ll apply discounts or add additional fees based on organizational budget or a person’s % area median income according to the table below.

Right now, I have developed a price list for immigration work only. I will be developing a price list for other legal work in the future. In the meantime, I’ll use the scale below to inform any quote I give.


Organizational Budget/Company Value<  250,000< 500,000< 1 million< 2 million< 5 million< 25 million
Flat Rate30% Discount15% Discount100%Additional 50%Double2.5X


% Area Median Income 40%60%80%100%>120%
Flat Rate30% Discount20% Discount10% DiscountFlat RateAdditional 25%