Interdependent Land

One of the primary missions of Interdependent Law is to support the movement to collectivize and democratize land and housing. Our legal representation will help you accomplish the projects you never thought possible.

Services include:

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Personal Estate Planning

Interdependent Agreements

Interdependence requires creative agreements that make expectations clear and help manage risk. We are here to help you think through the agreements for your project from a shared home between a few people, to organizational collaboration.

Services include:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Memoranda of Understanding

Shifting Power toward Interdependence

Creating the projects we want to see in the world is one piece of changing our lived conditions. We also need to shift power away from developers and private corporations towards our projects. Interdependent law will help your group or project think through legal and policy strategies to support your campaigns or forward your project.

Services include:

  • Legal & Policy Research
  • Target Research & Strategy
  • Workshops to demystify areas of the law
  • Strategic Litigation